"Today is a great day to win the Pick 3 and Cash 4 Lottery!" 



"Who else is tired of watching 'triples' in the Pick 4 drawing go by, time after time, without a hit or even a clue on how to predict when the next one might show up in your state's lottery drawing?"



Pick 4 Cash 4 Daily 4 Win 4 Lottery Players. You’re about to be given two simple charts to help increase your odds of predicting a triple in the Pick 4. SBiP999 uses them to target $600-$3100 all state wins like clockwork!



"I used to hate to miss a 'triple' in the Pick 4 -- which is a .50 cent box/any play for a chance at $600 bucks. At least that was the case until I accidentally discovered exactly what number combinations 'trigger' these $600 numbers, making it easy to predict the winning draw."




From the Desk of SBIP$999


Dear Pick 4 Cash 4 Lottery Player,

I will try to keep this letter short and sweet for you because I know you have to get back to creating your plays for the next Pick 4 lottery drawing.


But listen up for the next few minutes because what I have to tell you might well be worth your undivided attention.


So tell me:


·    Have you ever missed cashing in on a $600 lottery payout because you did not know a triple was about to drop inside your Pick 4 Cash 4 drawing?


·    Have you ever wanted to be handed a System that would tell you exactly what two sets of triples to play days before the triple in the Pick 4 falls?


If this is you, then you need to get your hands on 999’s new Pick 4 Lottery System called Half Dollar 4 $600. This is a system devoted exclusively to predicting when a triple will show in your state’s Pick 4 drawing.


As you know, a triple in the Pick 4 produces combinations like 6662, 4888, 9929, 3111, 7888 etc. These are $600 box numbers because each can only show four different ways.


And the best part is that this new System is easy to use. You will not need any lottery software or wheels to figure out what you should play once one of the “trigger” combinations shows up in your lottery. 

This new System is genuinely set to bring more winning combinations to players who want to have a clue when the next ".50 cent for $600 dollar" triple falls.  


So what exactly is the “Half Dollar for $600” System?


Otherwise known as the HD-4-600 System, it gives you the exact triples to play in an upcoming drawing as early as 1 to 21 days before the actual triples in the Pick 4 falls. In some states, it averages just six days before the winning triple combination falls.


All you have to do is to look for particular combinations, called “trigger” combinations, and when you see any of these in your Pick 4 drawing, you play a set of 14-20 numbers which are given to you, and then wait for your triple to fall.



Here’s what you get with the HD-4-600 system:


·    A set of specific combinations to watch for in your Pick 4 lottery drawing, (i.e. Observe)


·    A specific set of just 20 triple combinations to play when you see any one of the “trigger” combinations (i.e. Strategize and Play),


·    A “hit” winning combination that could occur within 1 to 21 days. Although using this brand new system produced hits in some states an average of 6 days as mentioned before, in three particular states, a hit occurred as early as Day 1 and Day 3  (see which 3 states on page 17 and 18 in the booklet).


Go ahead and sign up for 999’s Players Club newsletter now, and we will keep you posted on any new free "pen and paper" lottery systems for Pick 3 and Cash 4, as well as new premium systems we make available. Being connected to the 999 Players Club newsletter assures that you will receive free updates on the HD-4-600 System as they are developed. 



Success Leaves Clues…


Take a look at some “paper” predictions posted on a large online Lottery Forum (LP) which you may recognize based on the layout. Here you can see where SBIP$999, the creator of the HD-4-600 System, racked up two straight "triples in the Pick 4" hits and one box hit on the last day of 2010.


In this ebook, we show you why the hits came and how long it took for them to show.




 HD-4-$600 System in Action


SBIP$999   Missouri   Pick 3 Midday   3-Way Box   6-6-5   6-5-6   $80

SBIP$999   New York   Win 4 Evening   4-Way Box   5-9-5-5   5-5-9-5   $600

SBIP$999 Puerto Rico Pega 3 3-Way Box  9-0-9  9-9-0    $80

SBIP$999 Quebec La Quotidienne 4 Straight + 4-Way Box  0-5-0-0  0-5-0-0   $3,100

SBIP$999 Rhode Island Numbers Game Straight + 4-Way Box 5-6-5-5  5-6-5-5  $3,100


31 December 2010

(Results not typical, but nonetheless they are encouraging:)-


You will notice a couple of Pick 3 “doubles” hit too on that date. As with the Pick 4 where we focus on getting the most bang for the buck with our “triples in the Pick 4” system, our Pick 3 systems focus on predicting doubles in the Pick 3 so that we get the most out of our money in those drawings too. (Hey, if you are gonna play, you might as well play for the most return on your investment:)-


For the Pick 4 Cash 4 predictions on that date, the LP website showed there were 225 prediction winners who won a total of $60,800. That averages about $270 per prediction, but when you are targeting the bigger money--as this System does--you see that your take of the pot can increase more than 10 fold, i.e. $6800 instead of the $270 average, or another way of looking at it is that one person picked up more than 10% of the total amount won that day by the predictors on the site.


That one person could be you when you know how to do it, when to do and if you should do it!


But those wins could have been purely accidental, and they certainly would not be typical for the average offline player since they occurred in multiple states. Still, it presented a good opportunity for us to dissect the wins and see if we could trace them back to a "trigger combination" appearing in each of those states' drawings prior to the drawings, and in every single one of them we found a "trigger" combination which we could identify that led up to the winning combinations.


This was a good thing for SBIP$999 the last day of the year, and is soon to be a great thing for you when you get your hands on this brand new "observe and play" money-making System.


But let’s get back to the “Half Dollar for $600” System because who cares what SBIP$999 can do. The System is useless if you can not replicate the hits in your neck of the woods.





Here's what one of our customers had to say:


“Thank you so much for your generosity. I’m impressed with the HD4-600 System. It is for real quite unlike so many out there. You are truly a genius. This is the first system I have seen targeting triples and quads...”


I…A in Georgia


So here is what Pick 4 Cash 4 players who use the System must be able to do to be successful: 




Step 1

You must be able to observe that a “trigger” combination has come out in your Pick 4 Lottery (we provide a half page list of all the trigger combinations to look for); and

Step 2

You should have the resources to play a set of 20 combinations or less. These combinations are considered followers of that particular “trigger” combination (we provide a list of which combinations to play); then

Step 3

You decide how to spend -- or save --your winnings based on your life freedom goals when your winning combination shows!




So, in effect, all you have to do is pull out your two one-page charts that we provide--one which contains your trigger combinations and another which contains your Play List-then, when a trigger combination is drawn in your state, you simply play the numbers posted from your Play List.


Like we said: Observe-Strategize-Play and WIN.


Half Dollar for $600 Instant Download!We have even taken care of the “Strategize” part for you by providing the two Charts, so you simply observe and play the numbers you see listed.


As much as we try to complicate it, this is really all you have to do to effectively use the System. We do take about 10 pages of the 30+ page booklet to explain how we created the two charts so that you know why you are doing what you are doing. And we give you examples of how the System has faired in selected states.


But still in the final analysis it really all boils down to looking at one chart for your trigger combination, and looking at another to find your plays after you observe that the trigger combination has fallen in your state's lottery. Yes we have removed all the guest work out of this "complex" System which has been reduced to winning combinations for all your triggers!


A Word of Caution about this System Created Specifically with “East Coast” Pick 4 Lottery States in Mind…


Regrettably, this system is not for every state in the Union, but if you play in a non-computerized, mechanical ball state, chances are good that it could work for you.




So far, we’ve back-tested  hits in

  • South Carolina  
  • North Carolina  
  • New York  
  • New Jersey  
  • Georgia  
  • Texas 
  • Virginia 
  • Kentucky  
  • Illinois/Iowa  
  • Connecticut  
  • Maryland  
  • Maine  
  • New Hampshire  
  • Vermont  
  • Ohio  
  • Rhode Island  
  •  and even Quebec   




With success!


But Western US states have not faired as well when we tested the system in places like California. So if you live out West you may want to pass on this offer, unless you are an “all states” online player. More states will be added after we complete all backtesting, so if your state is not listed above, it may be added in later.


 Still... There is more...


The HD-4-600 System is a Quad Predictor too…


Since this System is designed to predict when triples will fall inside your Pick 4 Cash 4 lottery drawing, it is also--by extention--a quad predictor too.


Each triple Play Set you are given contains at least two quads because logically you have to have a triple in your Pick 4 combination before a quad can show. So while you are looking for your triple to show, there will be times when a quad will show due to the nature of the system. Page 18 gives a good example of this. [Having a full moon lined up during your specific triple play dates doesn't hurt either!] 


So how much could the “Half Dollar 4 $600” System be worth to you?


Good question. That would depend on how often your state gets a triple inside the Pick 4 Cash 4 drawing. Obviously the system will not work every single time due to pre-draws and other random factors, but it will work a lot of the time to give you a clue as to when to expect a triple in your Pick 4 draws, and it will point you to what the most likely winning triple combination might be.


And again, if you are out West, this System might not work in your state lottery drawing at all. That’s just the nature of the beast when you are on a mission to bring order to randomness.


This system will not be worth much to you if you are the type of player who just has to play off every number that comes out in the Pick 4 lottery, since merely adding the System to your tool kit without decreasing your current plays on the other combination types (i.e. singles and doubles in the Pick 4) will only add to your cost.




In this System, you must wait for a combination on your “trigger” list to show up in your lottery before you take out your wallet and Play List. Then you play only those numbers given for the next 6 to 21 days or until your hit comes, whichever occurs first.


If you fully use the “Observe and Strategize before you Play” approach, the System might actually save you some cash.

SBIP999 said:

"Instead of funnelling my 'hard earned' cash into chasing $100 and $200 box/any hits, I discovered I could just as easily re-funnel this same money into my lottery fund for 'finding triples in the pick 4' for much more lucrative $600-$3100 profit plays!"

"No more running around like a chicken with my head cut off. No more chasing down numbers. I just set the net and forget it with this new System!"



Okay...Enough talk already. Please let me order this now if it’s under $97 bucks!


The HD-4-600 System is currently valid and useful in most East Coast USA states. But we do know that lottery systems can sometimes be cyclical. They can work for awhile then fizzle out. And though we do not expect that to happen, even if it does, the concepts that you will pick up in this 999 System will certainly be useful to you in your Pick 3 lottery games too.


As of March 2011, this system is working fine for most states on our list, so now is the best time to grab a copy. Please don’t make the mistake of waiting to place your order. Get in the game now while the iron is hot… 



Enough already. Please stop talking! If the "Half Dollar for $600" System is less than $47 bucks, let me have it now! 


While you will still miss some $600 numbers due to the randomness of the lottery (and perhaps pre-draws), you will be able to predict a good percentage of the triples which will show up in your upcoming lottery drawings based on the trigger numbers you observe.


So instead of becoming frustrated at missing that 6662 or the 9991 or the 7177 "triple" in the Pick 4 as they fall, get a clue right now and end all of that mayhem.





Okay, I am ready now. Please let me order this RIGHT NOW!


$27 Dollars would be just ideal!


But you won't pay that price today. Click the Button Below to Take Advantage of Our Low Introductory Price of just





While we realize that $297 would be a bargain for a system that would give you double your investment with the first win, we also recognize that it might be a bit much for the average Pick 4 lottery player in this economy--heck, in any economy.


A price of $197-$297 might easily be paid by a lottery guru who already has a working Pick 4 system and is consistently raking in boo-koo bucks.  But this system is not for lottery gurus who already have working systems--though we won’t stop them from adding it to their tool kit if they so choose--but we really focused hard on making 999’s Book of Numbers' first lottery publication in our Pick 4 series to be a no brainer for our new and prospective customers.


So with that in mind, we have set the introductory price for this Half Dollar for $600 System at just $18.00.


Yes, you read it right. That’s not a typo. The introductory price for 999's Half Dollar for $600 System is just $18.00, not $297 or $197 or even $27. The price today is just $18.00 for a limited time!


Why just $18.00 for this tremendous value? Because SBIP999 believes we should always try to give you more than you bargained for, so what better way to introduce you to 999s Book of Numbers new line of creative lottery systems than with this extremely affordable price.


Plus, after we officially launch this System in a little while, and have affiliates who want to promote it, we will be forced to raise the price so we can afford to pay them handsomely for all their advertising efforts. 


We are banking on the fact that once you try this "easy to learn and use" triples in the Pick 4 system, you will be compelled to send us a testimonial of your first win and your future successes, which we will then include on this page for our official product launch which is coming soon. The increased price -- which is coming -- will then more fully reflect the true market value of such a powerful and easy to use money making lottery "Observe-Strategize-Play-and-WIN" system.



Here’s how to order right now!


You Can Purchase Online with a Credit Card Using a Secure Server


For Instant Access to this 36-page downloadable eBook (in PDF format)

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Regular Suggested Retail Price $27

Your Introductory Price Today



This Introductory Offer is limited! Act Now and Save!


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It is a fact -- in most states that we are aware of -- that a drawing containing a "triple" in the Pick 4 will yield a minimum of $600 for a .50 cent play because it is only a 4 way play. So a win with this system provides better payouts than a 4-digit or 3-digit or even a double double digit return!


If you were thinking of choosing another medium to spend your money, would you pay $500 for a $600 return in less than a month? Would you pay $400 for a $600 return in that same time period? How about $97 for a $600 return?


$27 - $47 dollars for a $600 win would still be an absolute steal for this Program if it does what it claims it will do, and that is to give you the best clue to look for when you go hunting for the next triples that might fall in your Pick 4 Cash 4 lottery drawing.


But wait...we're not finished


Pay just $18.00 today and we include our 60-day Money Back Guarantee?



No Worries with our 60 day money-back guarantee. Your purchase is risk free. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, get a full refund.



Your satisfaction is assured through our no risk, 100%, no questions asked, iron-clad money back guarantee.


If for any reason, you are not satisfied with your purchase, contact us within 60 days and receive 100% of your purchase price.


That means you get to try it out for 60 days - risk free!


Our 60-Day Guarantee gives you enough time to back-test the system in your state to see if it can be profitable, or to see if it has worked previously in your state to produce the winning combination. If it has worked in the past, the chances are good that it will work in the immediate future for you.


That's our guarantee. Plus...we would like to offer you a special bonus as we introduce you to 999 Book of Numbers' line of Pick 4 and Pick 3 lottery systems -- that work.   






Yes--this is now bordering on the ridiculous with such an extraordinary offer already. 

 But here goes...


999 Play List Reduction System

SBIP$999 says:

"Why Play 20#s a Set When You Can Play 12-16?"


The HD-4-600 "triple in the Pick 4" System produces 20 numbers to play per draw whenever you see a “trigger” combination in your Pick 4 or Cash 4 lottery, but as a bonus and for a limited time SBIP$999 offers her own personal Play List Reduction system which allows you to play only 14-16 numbers per draw-instead of 20-to catch most of your winning combinations.

This Play List reduction system is vital if you are on a budget, and it could save you up to $3.00 per draw when you are .50 cent "boxing" your plays. That means the information included in this bonus could pay for the entire HD-4-600 system (at the $18.00 introductory price) with just your first round of play!

Why should you have to figure out which numbers to eliminate from your set when your money is tight? SBIP$999 shows you how to safely reduce your Play List, but more than that, she condenses it down to a chart so you do not have to go through the motion of learning why each digit makes the cut if you don’t want to. (This reduction chart will be posted online 24/7 when our Customer Only HD-4-600 site goes live later in the month.)

With this Play List reduction system, you will know exactly which numbers are most likely to show with your triple sets, allowing you to leave off the rest.

This Bonus Play Set Reduction System alone is worth the price of admission because if you are really a student of the lottery, you will learn a lot about how numbers manifest themselves when you see what has been done to eliminate the non essential combinations.

Boy, if only real life was this easy.


Click the link below for the Special Introductory Price and to 




Just $18.00
 Download Your Copy Now 

Let’s recap what you get with SBIP$999’s Half Dollar for $600 System:


In a nutshell, the System gives you a clue to help you discover when triples in your state’s Pick 4 Cash 4 Daily 4 and Win 4 drawings are about to appear.


By helping you identify the “trigger” combinations that show up in your state’s lottery before the actual triple falls, you have a better chance to control the chase by setting the net days before the winning digits fall! You can catch 'em if you dare!


So if you have ever been frustrated with missing hits as triples fall in your Pick 4 game, you now have a tool to help you corner these $600-$5000 wins with relative ease.


The HD-4-600 gives you:


·  A set of  specific combinations to watch for in your Pick 4 Drawing

·  A specific set of just 20 combinations (or less) to play when you see any of the “trigger” combinations fall, and

·  An increased probability that you will have the winning combination when it surfaces in your state within 1-21 days!


Using the system is as easy as one, two, three. You need just three things to help you succeed.


1) The power to observe that a "trigger" combnation has come out in your state's Pick 4 Lottery Game;


2) The resources to play a set of 14-20 numbers that are associated with that trigger combination during a specified time period; and


3)  The wisdom to decide how to spend (or save) your winnings to meet your particular freedom goals.



999Note: Just days before our prelaunch, SBIP$999 pulled in $600 more in "paper" money using this little Half Dollar 4 $600 System after noticing a "trigger" combination had fallen in Ohio. This hit occurred on 17 January 2011: 

SBIP$999    Ohio Pick 4 Evening 4-Way Box 3-8-3-3 3-3-3-8 $600

What? Just $600 bucks...shucks. Well, to get more straight hits, you will need to study which positions the digits prefer to show up in your particular state and then you can watch that $600 turn into $2500 or even $5000 for $1 or $2 combo plays. [And yes it's paper money because SBIP$999 resides on the borderline of NC and SC and doesn't indulge in real "All State" online playing. ]


Finally we are able to offer you this affordable tool to help make a believer out of you with the first of what we hope will be many more innovative strategies to help you win your Pick 4 Cash 4 Lotteries.



Here’s how to order right now!


You Can Purchase Online with a Credit Card Using a Secure Server


For Instant Access to this 30+ page downloadable eBook (in PDF format)


Click the Order Button Below

Suggested Retail Price $27

Your Introductory Price Today





Why should the lottery gurus be the only ones to cash in on an easy .50 cents for $600 win? Let me tell you that the difference between them and you is only information. They have the information that you need but they are not sharing, and if they do share, they are charging you an arm and a leg for it.


You can get the information you need right now, right here to cash in on your next triple in the Pick 4 win, or you can hesitate and pay more for this valuable resource when the price goes up.



SBIP$999 is practically giving this new system away at the introductory cost of only $18.00 for the instant access downloadable ebook. Order it now before she comes to her senses.



The Half Dollar for $600 System is the most powerful Pick 4 system to emerge in awhile. We have decided to use it to introduce you to our new 999 Book of Numbers lottery publications at a really affordable price to help you get to know us and the creative solutions and lottery products we will be offering in the future.


We know if we start our lottery series of booklets by over delivering, you will remember us the next time you are looking for lottery systems that are new, innovative and that just plain work.


You are urged to take advantage of this right now and become a part of something bigger and greater than yourself. Whether its extra income for a better lifestyle you desire, a chance for more wins, or just an overwhelming desire to do great things with your life--things that require just a little more cash than you already have--this System has the potential to help free you up to live the life of your dreams.


We know you work hard to come up with the winning combinations in your Pick 4 games, and are offering to partner with you on this one in order to help you succeed. In the next 9 months, SBIP999 will be revealing many of her lottery strategies before moving on to other pursuits. Once you master the games, you may want to pursue your other life passions as well.




From a Customer...


"Thank you for your hard work and dedication to the Pick 4 game. I have been studying this game for a while and I am glad that you created this book. If you ever come up with a way to pick doubles I will be more than happy to purchase it as well...”


  — J.S. in Georgia



Click the Buy Now button below for an immediate download and instant access to your new Pick 4 System.


BTW, we will only be releasing a limited number of copies of the system at this ridiculously low introductory price. So if you act today, you will pay less, and you will be able to use this system over and over again for win after win. The concepts you will learn in this system are transferrable to other games too.


So what are you waiting for? Try the Half Dollar 4 $600 System absolutely risk free for 60 days. With our unconditional money back guarantee, what have you got to lose?



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